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December 8, 2020 / / Villa
October 7, 2020 / / News

Stop the Flu…
The deadline set by Governor Wayan Koster for opening Bali to International tourism on 16th of September has long passed, and whilst opening to domestic tourism has had little to no change on the economy here, there are reports on more cases of COVID being reported. A personal point of view would state, that if you test for something you are more likely to find it then if you don’t test for it. We are still very confused by agendas of governments around the world, initially limiting interactions was to reduce the possible swamping of medical centers, whereas now it seems that policies have turned to trying to completely stop this aggressive flu from spreading and using a vaccine to reduce the effects. As seen the 2nd wave of COVID spreads must be due to mutations in the Flu gene, and as is the case in most countries each Flu season requires a new shot as the Flu mutates, so how much can one largely untested vaccine do to a virus that mutates?

September 23, 2020 / / News


Are you looking at a way of spending your time in COVID lockdown having an extended holiday on the beautiful island of Bali?

At Total Bali, we are helping our guests with the opportunity to spend up to 6 months holidaying in Bali with our Bali Business Visa service.

What you need to do:

1) Contact us on and let us know you want to come to Bali on this VISA. 
2) Get a copy of your passport and 9 million Rupiah payment ready for processing your TELEX here in Indonesia
3) Once you receive your TELEX, you will have to process this at your closest Indonesian Embassy/Consulate. 
4) You will need a Passport with validity of over 6 months from when you are due to leave Indonesia, and you will need a departure ticket from Indonesia.

June 22, 2020 / / News

How to share your Airbnb calendar with Total Bali


Total Bali helps find you villas for your holiday in Bali. We have a live availability search feature that allows guests to find villas that are available for their stay, whilst also helping villa owners better fill their gaps in the booking calendar.

iCal is an industry-standard format that allows users to share calendar and event information with others.

iCal data also can be shared in two ways:

1. iCal file (.ics) – This is used for less frequent updates and the publisher needs to send the file each time an update is due.
2. iCal Link – With this option, the calendar data is always available at a public link (called iCal URL) and consumers can access the latest booking data using the iCal link.

There are a number of calendar sharing techniques but today we will explain how to share your Airbnb calendar with us, so that we can easily offer your villas to out guests: