5 Must-Try Local Dishes in Bali

No matter how many times you’ve been to Bali, it counts for nothing if you’ve never tried any of the local food! We’ve done the hardest job ever, and piled up our favourite, must-try Indonesian dishes for you to order on your next Bali trip. Only thing we ask, is for your feedback! Let us know what you think or if you have any better recommendations, we love to hear your stories! In the meantime, check our our top 5 Indo dishes in Bali!


The first and obvious one is “Babi Guling” (The Suckling Pig). This is basically Pork rubbed with turmeric, stuffed with a spice paste and then roasted on a spit over coconut husks or wood until it is super tender. Since this is the most famous dish in Bali, you can find it in almost every restaurant.


The second one is Nasi Campur, local fave! The name literally means “Mixed Rice” as it is a big portion of steamed rice with the mix of vegetables, fish or meat. The best part about this dish is that there is no “correct” combination for this dish. Every time you order one, you’ll never get the same portion of the veggies, fish or meat. Similar to Babi Guling, Nasi Campur is super easy to find in every restaurant that serves local food.


The next is the famous Nasi Goreng. Rice is grown all over Bali, that’s why most local food is a “rice-based” dish. When it comes to Nasi Goreng, from the 5-star resorts to the roadside stalls, you’ll definitely get the good one, because it is a simple yet delicious dish.


Next is Bebek Betutu. This dish is probably one of the more unique dishes in Bali. The duck is rubbed and stuffed with a mix of spices, wrapped in an areca palm leaf or betelnut bark and smoked with the embers of rice husks. This dish is easier to find in the middle to the north part of Bali. Just remember, if you want to try this dish, make sure to book the restaurant one day before since the cooking process takes around 12 hours.


Last, but not least, Sate. Don’t get confused with “satay”, Balinese Sate is the mashed chicken (or fish) blended with an array of spices, melded onto a stick and barbequed. One thing to note is that this dish sometimes served with peanut sauce, but it is usually written on the menu. If you are allergic or just don’t like peanuts, make sure you inform the staff.


This is it! If you need more information about food and activities to do in Bali, head to www.totalbali.com and check out our full list. Plan your next trip to Bali with us to make sure you have everything in check!


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