Coastal Chills. Snorkeling in Bali.

What’s better than an ocean view? A relaxed ocean view with plenty of fun stuff to do, away from the crowd and the city buzz, of course! Presenting you today with coastal getaways, bringing the ocean at your doorstep and the island vibes in full swing. We’ve collated a list of all our favorite getaways in this article, which feature fun activities, such as diving and snorkeling in Bali and beautiful landscapes you don’t wanna be missing.

Let us know if you visited any of them before, or if even better, you’d like us top organize a trip to any of these locations.

We’ll be starting with flat-water beach getaways, perfect for snorkeling, diving and relaxing on the beach reading a book. Getting away from the stress and the crowds in the Northern areas of Bali for the ultimate chill holidays.



Located in North Bali, Lovina is one of the quietest parts of Bali, where diving, snorkeling, fishing, dolphin watching, and diving on coral reefs are the main activities to keep you busy when you’re not relaxing by the beach or in your villa.

Lovina beaches feature a striking black sand, which might make the ocean look a bit murky, however that’s just due to the color of the sand, in fact, the water is extremely clear and full of life.

Ideal for both adventures and families, this is an ideal place for whoever wants to immerse in the culture of Bali, enjoy delicious & reasonably priced food, and spend their time engaging in fun activities, and taking one day at a time. Just around the corner from Lovina you’ll find Tulemben shipwreck too!

Lovina is a great place to enjoy a few days and just take in an easy leisurely pace.



On the North West coast of Bali, you will find another cool sleepy but happening town of Pemuteran. A centralized stretch of beach provides a good center for guests to get a good choice of beach side food, whilst being surrounded by high hills, and gorgeous flat waters. Here time is on standstill.

There are a number of great location for good diving with Scuba centers a plenty, however this spot is also a good spot to spend time relaxing, visiting the natural wonders in the area, such as the hot springs, West Bali National Park or waterfalls in the lush jungle.

Pemuteran is about 1hr away driving from Lovina, which makes it ideal as you can visit both places in one trip.

Pemuteran is famous for it Biorock and Coral Reef – a beautiful spot for snorkel lovers. Just east of Pemuteran, you’ll find the Monkey Temple and Proyek Penyu (the turtle breeding program), but also a bunch of vineyards, which are a delight to any eye.

Menjangan National Park


One of Bali’s favorite National Parks, Menjangan – is well known for its snorkeling and awesome diving for all levels, as the currents here are mild, so it doesn’t make it dangerous for beginners.Over 120 bird species live here, so if you’re into bird watching, then this is the best spot for it. Other tourists have said trekking and biking are also nice in the area, as you never know what you might run into, deer, monkeys, lizards and other beautiful fauna of Bali.

Renting a boat with a guide to explore the island of Menjangan is a super fun way to spend the day, exploring many great underwater paradises, whilst filling your belly with local nasi campur that you can pre-order and take with you prior to jumping on the boat.

You can spend your day kayaking as well, exploring the beautiful mangroves or horse riding on the beach, at sunset, capturing Bali at its finest.

Perfect for both young adventurers and families, this spot should definitely be on your to-see list on your next visit in Bali!



Located in East Bali, Amed is the best spot if you’re into diving, free diving or snorkelling.

Right around the corner from Amed, there’s Tulamben with its US cargo shipwreck, which you can go explore as well.

With beautiful black sand beaches, this area of Bali neighbors some of the most famous fish villages, which is why feasting on delicious fish will not be a problem at all.

Amed is a beautiful place for the whole family to enjoy for its beautiful reef, trekking, and water temples in the vicinity.

Keeping it closer to Seminyak and the popular areas of the South, you will find isolated beaches mainly due to the high cliffs that require 1000’s of steps to go up and down. You will be feeling the burn the next day, but boy is it worth it!

Green Bowl Beach

Green Bowl Beach

One of the most secluded beaches in Bali, Green Bowl Beach is located approximately 500 steps under an abandoned hotel called The Bali Cliff. This is a beautiful location that doesn’t attract much crowd especially because of the rough decline, which is what makes this place so special.

This beach gets full during high tide, so most people make their way down during low tide, and spend half a day surfing, or just enjoying the view from the bat cave below, sunbathing and swimming, however a word of warning the currents are quiet strong and there are no lifeguards on duty.

An ideal place if you want to get away from the crowd and enjoy a secluded white sand beach, and crystal blue waters, and mind surf for hours. Just be mindful that it takes a while to get down, but we assure you it will be well worth it.

Nyang Nyang

Nyang Nyang

Dubbed Bali’s secret beach, until social media exposed it to the world, this is one of our all time favorites. On the South Coast of Bali, clean blue waters and minimal development give this area a seclusion that is truly amazing (hint: there’s a bar on Sundays, when things can get busy).

A huge beach, with many pandan’s for shade, ensures that you can find your own section of the beach.

Located around from the Uluwatu temple, there is a majestic feel to Nyang Nyang.


Not sure which location is best suited for you? Get in contact with us, and let us organise your trip for you! From bespoke activities, to luxury affordable accommodation, and in-villa services, we’re here to ensure your stay in Bali is as comfortable as possible.

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