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Total Bali helps find you villas for your holiday in Bali. We have a live availability search feature that allows guests to find villas that are available for their stay, whilst also helping villa owners better fill their gaps in the booking calendar.

iCal is an industry-standard format that allows users to share calendar and event information with others.

iCal data also can be shared in two ways:

1. iCal file (.ics) – This is used for less frequent updates and the publisher needs to send the file each time an update is due.
2. iCal Link – With this option, the calendar data is always available at a public link (called iCal URL) and consumers can access the latest booking data using the iCal link.

There are a number of calendar sharing techniques but today we will explain how to share your Airbnb calendar with us, so that we can easily offer your villas to out guests:

Step 1:

Go to your Airbnb listing and choose your villa/rooms then go to “Edit Listing” and choose the “Availability” option as below:

Step 2:

Scroll to the bottom of the next screen to “Sync calendars‘ option and click on “Export calendar” as below:

Step 3:

After you click the “Export Calendar”, you will get a Pop Up like this with the iCal URL for your Airbnb calendar. You can take (copy) the link and share it with others so the link can sync to other websites.

That’s the simply easy way to share your Airbnb calendar with others.

Hopefully, this information can help you and we are looking forward to sharing other information in this blog with you.

Kind Regards,

Total Bali Team.

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