March in Bali

The weather is amazing, the streets are empty, villas and hotels are on big discounts, and your flights are the cheapest you will find. It’s likes its Christmas for travelers all over again. So why don’t you come take advantage of a Bali holiday?

The news is a scary thing to watch these days, dominated by fear and the inmate destruction of our economic and social norms. Have we heard this all before? Is this another swine flu? Or do we legitimately need to be worried? Will Bali get hit as much as South Korea, Japan and Italy have been hit?

Chinese citizens made up the biggest tourists in Bali, and given that Indonesia has closed travel from China from the 2nd of February, it would be safe to say that we are outside of the 2 week incubation period for the illness, with no reported cases of the Corona virus throughout the whole of Indonesia.

Why did we not get any reports in the period between December and February? Bali had over 200,000 Chinese tourists visiting during this period of the virus spreading, but not one case. Some say its the extreme heat that kills the virus, the head of tourism in Indonesia says it’s because we pray to God, or maybe its due to the inability to test properly. There are conspiracy theories about all sorts of justifications on this virus, and there is still so much that we don’t understand, but one thing’s for sure. Always wash your hands, keep a sanitizer with you at all times, & keep the immune system up, stay healthy and continue to live life to the fullest.

We have of course trained our staff in the correct sterilization of villas, and we have informed them how to prevent them for getting any kind of sickness, so rest assured our villas are a safe environment for our guests.

We have seen time and time again, whether it’s a Volcano eruption, the Bird flu, Terrorism, or some ridiculous law about not kissing in public, Bali will continue to withstand these pressures, and we will continue to enjoy our time here, be it for a holiday or for work, Bali is always a good idea. So talk to us, we are your professionals, we are based in Bali, we are run by Balinese and we know how to keep you happy and safe whilst in Bali.

Trust the professionals, Trust in the team at Total Bali


Nathan A Flax

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