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As we round out another amazing spin around the Earth, I wanted to write you on a few issues that Bali and Total Bali have faced and look forward to working towards in 2020. We really want to continue to do whats best by our guests to Bali, so please contact us if you have any thoughts on anything that I mention.
The Weather now
Bali is actually super hot at the moment, typically Bali and Indonesia is in the midst of Rainy season, but apart from the one night of rain we had last week, the weather is hot. The beaches on the West coast are clean, and the onshore winds are battling the trade winds for the seasonal changes. I think we are still a month or longer away from Rainy season, and this means that Bali will continue to be in drought. There have been some really alarming articles about Bali (like this one regarding water shortages and other climate change issues. We all need to act to help our planet, we are on a sinking ship and we need to change. 
Governor cleaning up Bali
The newly appointed governor of Bali has seen tackling environmental issues as a priority, so we are very happy to hear and see a number of initiatives to clean up the problems we face here. It’s a constant battle between educating the unaware, and providing easy solutions for those that don’t have the means. We have been active in connecting one of the leading River Cleaning NGO’s directly with the Governor, for a project to keep the rivers clean. Whilst our close friends have actually developed the plans that are being implemented for the building of 2 new waste management sites, one of which will be located in Canggu. So please send us any information you have that we might be able to provide as resources or solutions for issues you think Bali is facing. 
The government’s power company PLN has this year allowed for residential solar power to help subsidise power supplies. Like in many places in the world, meters are placed offsetting energy produced with energy used, so that our power is now becoming more green. That said, the Indonesian government is still planning to build Coal plants to produce much of Indonesia’s power.
Social Medias as reporting tools
Addictions to social medias continue to rule most people’s lives, it’s scary to see how people live for these online medias. Recently we have noticed that this is actually having a positive impact on educating people on the rights and wrongs of how to operate. We take for example a post that was shared and made public on Instagram via one of the larger “Information” pages. They shared a post about a river inlet where dirty water was joining clean waters. Police investigations found that not far upstream, there was a Batik factory dumping all its dyes unprocessed straight into the river, the fine imposed was a pathetic AUD $300, but at least there was action. So as we continue to dumb down our creative thought process by distractions of social media maintstreams, we are actually enabling social justice to be enforced. 
Airport extensions
Prioritising extensions to the Bali Airport, the end of last year and this year, had a big dredging project take place on the South Coast of Bali. White sands can be seen at the West end of Ngurah Rai Airport, as the plans developers create more space for the airport.
The trade winds of summer have blown lots of this sand into the Bay of Kuta, Legian and Seminyak. So we know have whiter sand beaches and amazing waves as a result. We do call into question the strategies for tourism here, but it’s good to know that your Bali Airport experiences should continue to get better. 
A bit about Total Bali and what we have done and plan to do….
Total Bali 
We have grown our team to 5 full time reservation staff
We have 2 accounting staff
Our marketing team of 3 people
Our Driver Agus, whom you have probably met before
It keeps me busy, but I’m so happy with the Total Bali Team and we are here to help you every step of the way. 
If you have a request, let us know and we will be here to help solve it, we are working with a few sister companies to become a one stop shop for all your holiday needs. 
Designs and Constructions
Total Bali over the past 2 years has started to move into design and construction. We have just completed our 3rd project, renovating so that it is now a 7 bedroom villa. This project took 9 months, and we are now already into our 4th project.
We have architects and a full time team of contractors work under the Total Bali banner, we continue to work towards coming up with sustainable building solutions that limit our harm and actually promote positive changes for the projects we undergo. 
Aims for Next year as we bring in 2020…..
Total Bali Building
Total Bali will be beginning our first stage of a resort project on the island of Lembongan. With a beautiful backdrop and amazing concepts, we are aiming to provide investment opportunities to individuals looking for a good ROI’s whilst also investing into projects that build with minimizing impacts on the environment. We are aiming to provide guests with amazing experiences for personal growth that hopefully they can take with them to be the best they can be. 
Total Bali Marketing
We have noticed with the intense competition in the villa industry here, that we need to sort out a way to better show our guests that we specailise in Bali. We are from here and we know the island, so we are going to be developing much more useful tools for holiday makers to enjoy the best of Bali. There have been calls to focus more on what sets us apart from the competition, and we will be bringing this to you in 2020. So stay tuned! 
We generally leave you alone when we get you to your villa, and you only really deal with us when you have issues. But we are super excited at the prospect of starting our own Retreats, that not only get you direct to the spots you need to be, but we fully cater to your every need… long as it’s the right retreat that your signing up for. We will be partnering up with a few really exciting companies to make sure that you have the most amazing holidays ever, and that your time off becomes an energising situation, where you can reach the goals that you set. 
Closing notes:
The world is changing, and most of it is negative change. Overpopulation, Global warming, Economic hardships. We are entering into a period that is crucially critical to shaping Humans legacy on this planet.
Stop instead of supporting convenient companies that have profits as their number one objective, start focusing your energies on small areas of change, educate as you can, and be a good example for those around you.
With happy intentions for the festive season, we send you positive thoughts and hope that together we can shape this world into something that we would be proud of.
Selamat Berliburan dan kami harap kami akan ketemu di Bali pada tahun 2020
We had 2 members of the team get married this year, so here are a few happy snaps of us enjoying, as well as a few photos of you staying at our villas.
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Get up to Bali for an incredible Christmas and New Year holiday
Kind Regards
Nathan A Flax
Director of Total Bali

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