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Well, if you have been keeping up with our blog post you’ll know that our beautiful home Bali managed to attract a total of 15.8 million foreign visitors last year. Despite the fact that these numbers fell short from the projected target of 17 million, the numbers are still 12.58% higher than 2017. According to the National Statistic Agency natural disasters including the eruption of Mount Agung in Bali, devastating earthquakes in Lombok, and tsunamis in Central Sulawesi and West Java contributed to the reason we failed to achieve the projected target.

This year, officials have set an aspiring plan for drawing in 20 million foreign tourists to Indonesia. Is this number realistic and attainable? We think it’s a very optimistic goal but at Total Bali we believe nothing is unachievable (we might have also taken into consideration the fact that year-on-year the number shows a consistent growth)! Natural disasters, however, remain a threat and can result in the failure to meet foreign tourists arrival targets.

In other news, with more foreign tourist predicted to visit this year Bali Governor I Wayan Koster proposed to impose USD $10 levy on every foreign tourist who enters the island. The governor suggested the additional income that will be generated through the new levy will go to the local budget for cultural development and environmental preservation. Governor also claims to have already gotten the go-ahead from five national ministries concerning this matter. However, it is still yet to be implemented due to the difficulties in finding the legal basis that will permit the collection of this foreign tourist levy. This new levy plan is now still currently being studied. Exactly how the new tax will be charged has yet to be decided, the general consensus seems to favor including the amount in the cost of airline tickets to the island rather than setting up payment counters at the airport. Whatever the decision, we hope this will help to expand the island’s tourist infrastructure resulting in a better Bali for everyone.

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