Hidden Gems. Best Beaches In Bali

Here in Bali, there’s beauty in every corner of the island, especially when you know how to find it. If you were looking for the best beaches in Bali, then you have landed on the right page!

Because we grew up on the island, we have an unfair advantage of knowing where to go to have the best time! And so today we want to share with you our top 3 favorite hidden gems of Bali, which we believe are some of the best beaches on our beloved island!

Each of these places are conveniently located in the vicinity of some of the coolest villas in Bali, so make sure to get in touch with us, for best prices and discounts on your stay!

Jimbaran Panorama Point


Also known as the Honeymoon Beach, this beach offers small, secluded hangout areas and is one of the most amazing sunset spot for all you sunset chasers out there. For those looking for more of a thrill, you can indulge with the 4 meter cliff jump to spike your adrenaline.

Gunung Payung

Gunung Payung

Another one of our favorite beaches in the South of the island, Gunung Payung requires quite the mission to go down the 300 steps to reach the beach. However, once arrived, you’ll be welcomed with a stunning view of the ocean, calm waters for snorkeling inside the bay, and bigger waves outside the reefs, and beautiful white sand inviting you to just lay down and soak it all in.

White Sand Beach

White Sand Beach

If the name doesn’t say, we will – this beach has some of the most amazing beaches in Bali. Located in East Bali, this beach ticks all the boxes: the turquoise water is lovely for swimming, and the palm trees in the background make this beach an amazing tropical destination on your next visit in Bali.

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