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With more and more access to information about health tips and hacks many people have started to realize the importance of a healthier life.

In today’s age being on the go and having access to so many quick fixes to our daily meals, we tend to ignore (or forget) the importance of a healthy balanced nutrition. Our body needs vitamins, antioxidants, fiber, protein and many other nutrients on a daily basis. We need those to help our metabolism, immune system, and aid our digestion process – which ultimately will help us feel our best.

Which is why we’re recommending Konscious Goods. KG comes to the aid of all of you busy bees on the island – in a simple, quick and delicious form – health shots. Coming in 3 flavours – Charcoal, Turmeric, and Ginger, each of these shots have their own individual health benefits. Charcoal is known to assist upset stomach, clearing of toxins, reduces gas or bloating, and improve skin health. Turmeric is anti-inflammatory, increases antioxidants, brain function and joint health. And Ginger helps with nausea & digestion, reduces muscle pain & soreness, preventing cold & flues, maintains blood sugar levels and it’s also a rally good natural anti-inflammatory.

Konscious Goods state the actual health benefits of each shot are endless, since all shots are made of fresh ingredients and no added sugars. After consistently drinking these shots you’ll notice an increase in energy, well-maintained blood sugar levels, and even settling digestion issues.

KG recommend taking the charcoal shot in the morning, turmeric shot at lunch and ginger after dinner or before bedtime. You can also add one of these shots to your morning smoothie to make sure you get your daily dose of goodness.

Each health shot is cold pressed and lasts up to 7 – 10 days refrigerated. It’s easy to stock up & Bali On Demand has them on hand for every occasion.

Just visit www.baliondemand.com , check under drinks section and order your health shots directly on the website or via email at info@baliondemand.com. For more information about Konscious Goods and their products (cold pressed juices, kombucha, snacks), please visit www.konsciousgoods.com.

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