Prior to departing for your Bali holiday

So you have booked your flights, and you have secured your villa or hotel with and its almost time for you to get on that plane to come and enjoy Tripadvisor’s 2016 best holiday destination in the world.

Lets get you sorted with a few simple things that you should sort out so that you have a easy and welcome introduction:

Insurance – Its always better to be ready for the unexpected, and we would go as so far as to say that it should be mandatory for you to buy a travel insurance before you come to Bali. The most dangerous thing you will do in your life is drive a scooter, even if you aren’t planing on this, we still would say “Get a health insurance”. The Indonesian hospital facilities are improving, however in the privatisation of the industry, the prices might be more then you would expect.  Part of our team specialises in Health facilitation so we are able to assist in a very timely manner should you require.

International Drivers Licenses – It is required by the police in Bali that if you intend to drive a motor vehicle you are are required to obtain this prior to departing your home country. If you have Dive licenses or other licenses that you are planning to partake in whilst on holiday, then you bring these too.

Alcohol – There is no Duty Free shops in Bali, so please make sure prior to leaving you buy your alcohol. You are allowed 1 litre per person, so we suggest you make the most of your allowance. Indonesia is a Muslim country and there is a 300% tax on alcohol here. We can help with suggestions for alcohol stores and will create a link for you to view on a map soon. Also we can help with sourcing in villa barmen and alcohol delivery should you require.

Ear drops – No doubt you will spend a fair amount of time in the pool or swimming in the ocean beating the Bali heat. There is not really any place to buy good ear drops to clear your ears from clogged water, so best to go to bring some with you. You should also bring any other medical requirements than you might need.

Money matters – The best way to get the best rate for your money is by changing it at a registered money changer, the rates at home won’t be as competitive as when you are here, but we suggest you change some money prior to arrival and then change the rest when you have time to get to a money changer. The registered money changers like BMC will provide competitive rates. Please beware of the money changers that aren’t registered as scams are easily pulled (calculator tricks, folded money, quick hands). ATM’s are another safe option, however each time you take money out you will be charged about $5 per transaction (please use bank ATM machines if possible). Travellers cheques are also used in Bali, but rates are not as competitive.

Copies of passports – Its always good to travel with photocopies of your passport, and even a USB stick with your personal information. Keep these copies in your bags, and wallets so you you have these in case anything happens to your travel documents.

Contacts – Its always good to have a list of contacts available that you might need. Your consulate, hospitals, police and of course your representative. If you need us to help then please let us know what you are looking for, and we will be happy to point you in the right direction from the onset, so you get to where you have to be quickly and safely.

Phone matters – Bali is the home of free WIFI, your villa should have this as well as many of the restaurants and cafes that you visit. If you want us to help with organising SIM cards for your phones we can do this. There are providers available depending on the arrival time once you enter the main arrival hall.

Maps – Its good to have maps of the areas you are staying, so that you don’t get lost. Google Maps can help with this or you can consult our new site which which will be launching soon.

Pick up plans from the airport – If you are arriving into the airport its always good to have someone to pick you up. Its quiet a bustle at the International arrivals, and you will find the experience much more enjoyable if you have a driver ready to escort you to your place of stay.

Bali is very easy, the people are friendly and this is one of the main reasons that so many people frequent the island. However please make sure that you don’t allow your nativity to allow yourself to be put into situations that you wouldn’t allow yourself to when you were home.

Remember if you have any concerns you can always contact us: or if you want use Whats Ap +6281338648034 to contact us so we can help guide you as you need it.

Your going to have an amazing holiday, so its good to make sure that all the smaller aspects are planned for, so that if the unexpected does occur, you know what to do.

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