Numbers are everywhere connected to everything we do. We use them to measure years, months, weeks, days, hours, and seconds. We count them in dollars and cents. We measure in feet, inches, meters and yards. We regard success and failure and distinguish ourselves according to the number of each. Numbers have a definite effect on us. This time numbers are used to define the tourism development in our favorite island, Bali.

In 2018, Indonesia saw 13.7 million overseas visitors, a huge leap from 1990, when it only saw 2.2 million. Even more notable? A third of those visitors went to Bali. According to the tourism authorities, although the numbers of foreign tourist arrival failed to achieve the projected target, the numbers are still comparatively higher than last year. Airport data shows that, in terms of origin countries, the three biggest contributors to the figure were tourists from China (23.47%), Australia (19%) and India (5.6%).

Although Chinese tourists are still considered as the biggest contributor to the numbers, they’re experiencing a decline from 2017. This might be caused by the regulation enforcement applied by Bali authorities on shops affirmed to work illicitly serving Chinese tourists. On the other hand, the Australian market figures have been rising steadily, up by 6.59% over the last year. If this trend continues, it is possible that year-on-year Australian market could begin to surpass the Chinese market at some point in Q1 or Q2 of 2019.

Bali tourism has had its ups and downs but the island is still a magnet for the world. Why? Well, listing all the reasons why so many people have fallen in love with Bali would take all day, but the exotic weather, down-to-earth lifestyle, laid-back atmosphere, spicy food and rich heritage all feature highly. You’ll enjoy the ample sunlight and the wonderful open blue skies, even at its most densely populated urban areas due to the low-rising buildings and absence of skyscrapers. Words and numbers can’t simply describe the beauty of Bali and you’ll never really understand until you experience Bali yourself. We hope this blog inspires your next trip to Bali!

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Source : Bali Discovery

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