World Surf League Accommodation

Word Surf League are coming back to Bali

We are super excited to inform you that Bali will be hosting the Keramas contest for the best surfers in the world.
Total Bali is excited to bring to you this great selection of villas on the East Coast of Bali that provide easy access to the Keramas WSL surf contest that will be hosted between the dates of May 22nd - June 10th 2018.
We have put together a number of different villa options for guests in the surrounding area of Keramas, with varying bedrooms and differing budgets.
Rather then staying in the central contest area, we are providing options that will allow surfers to experience a holiday break whilst being only a few minutes drive to the competition area. We have put this list together, ensuring that waves are also to be found in front of these villas so that surfers can keep active whilst waiting for their heats.
We look forward to hosting the best surfers in the world for one of the best contests in the world.

Feel free to contact us with particular requests

Bring on the World Surf League 2018, Keramas contest!

Accommodation List

Perfect for large group, this 6 bedrooms villa sleeps up to 14 and can be extended to sleep as many as 22 with extra beds in the main guest rooms.
Availability:  May 22nd until June 1st, 2018
9 bedrooms villa consists of 3 villas with ocean views.
Features a 23-metre infinity pool and excellent staff service.
Availability: May 22nd until June 10th, 2018
5 bedrooms villa with 15 meters pool.
Direct access to the beach
Availability: May 22nd until June 10th, 2018
6 bedrooms villa features 15-metre pool, gym and home-theatre
Availability: May 22nd until 30th and June 5th until 10th, 2018
8 bedrooms luxury estate built on nearly one hectare of landscaped oceanfront grounds
Availability: May 21st until 31st, and June 2nd until 7th, 2018


Smaller Villa Complexes

4 units of 3 bedroom villas in the same complex
1 unit of 3 bedrooms beach front Villa Ketewel 351
3 units of 3 bedroom Villa Sanur 348 with ocean view.
Availability: May 22nd until June 10th, 2018


The following villas are located in the same area, approx. 10 mins drive to Keramas Beach. 

Combination of 6, 4, 3, and 1 bedroom beach front villa in the same complex.
Villa Sanur 604 (Available from 22 – 25 May 2018 and 04 – 07 June 2018)
Villa Sanur 491 (Available from 22 – 25 May 2017 and 04 – 10 June 2018)
Villa Sanur 346 (Available from 22 May – 01 June 2018 and 04 – 10 June 2018)
Villa Sanur 1180 (Available from 22 May – 01 June 2018 and 04 – 10 June 2018)
Connecting 3, 3, and 4 bedrooms villa plus 3 bedrooms villa next door
Connecting villa (Available May 22nd until 27th):
3 bedrooms next door: Villa Ketewel 3938 ; Available from May 23rd until June 3rd, 2018
4 bedrooms villa features contemporary design with Balinese architectural elements and beautifully landscaped gardens to create a luxurious, spacious and very comfortable beachfront home.
Availability: May 22nd until June 10th, 2018
Villa Sanur 349
Contemporary 3 bedrooms villa lies within a private walled tropical garden and boasts its own 11-metre swimming pool and garden gazebo with jacuzzi.
Availability: May 31st until June 10th, 2018

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