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Run down of our accommodation options whilst on holiday.

So you have booked your flights and are ready for a holiday?  Maybe it’s to go to Bali or some other destination. Question is how do you go about finding the best way to book?

Here’s a breakdown of your booking options and how you can best utilise them for a fun and enjoyable holiday.

1. Booking with com
Starting with the biggest booking engine of all, initially setup for hotels with large inventory capabilities, Booking with com has expanded into villas, home stays, bnb’s and pretty much anything else that you want to rent.

– For quick and easy reservations, booking with com has some of the largest inventory online.
– They have genius memberships which offers discounts to loyal customers to keep you booking through them.
– Easy filters for searches

– Many perks such as breakfast and airport transfers will not be included when using this website
– Inventory booked might be of lesser standards than when booking direct
– Booking with com is just a referral site, you’ll never end up chatting to the owner/manager of the accommodation
– If anything goes wrong you will have to deal with a multinational corporation with no one being accountable for your problems. Being passed around the corporate offices speaking to a large number of staff to discuss any potential problems.

2. Air your bnb

The market leader in providing individuals and home owners with opportunities to rent their houses & spaces.

– Very easy system for bookings
– Gaining access to many accommodations that have no other way of marketing themselves
– Proactive booking controls

– Multiple listings of accommodations can flood what you are looking for as their is no monitoring of listings
– You actually end up paying more for your holiday rental with Air your bnb as they charge the guest service & cleaning fees.
– Many of these houses and accommodations are illegal, no tax is paid on revenue and there is no benefit to the country you are visiting for your holiday
– You end up speaking direct to the host the whole way through the booking process yet both parties end up having to pay Air your bnb

3. Agents
Booking through Agents usually means you have a party that acts as intermediary to ensure your holidays go according to plan and your expectations are managed.

– You have a 3rd party in between you and the accommodation you are booking, so they can help protect your needs
– If picking a local agent, they should be able to help with local insights using their networks & connections

-You’re dealing with a 3rd party, that gets paid a lot to do their job, and a lot relies on the agents ability to make sure your interests are looked after. Can they do as good a job as you can?

4. Tri va go anywhere
Like the Google of Big Online Travel Systems, compare multiple booking sources at one time to secure the best rates. Ultimately you end up booking your accommodation like you would book a plane ticket. Difference is there’s such a big variation between the rooms you never know which one you’re going to get.

5. A go da
In Bali and Indonesia A go da now uses Booking with com backend systems to power their website, so it’s really just an extension of Booking with com

6. Trip who visor
Seem to have completely lost direction as a booking portal, their systems have taken on a few different directions, but have fallen over.

7. Direct to owner
This could be through website, social media channels, maybe a directory online or offline

– You are dealing direct with the owner
– The owners aren’t paying other parties for your bookings
– You should be able to negotiate favourable booking terms and perks

– Be careful for imitators and for illegitimate parties
– Watch out for misrepresentations
– Difficult to have proper mediation channels

There are multiple other platforms and strategies that you can use for bookings, some specific to interests, some convenient, and as the person paying the money, the strength is in in your hands. Make sure you find out a bit more about why you’re choosing that particular platform. We would suggest reading reviews about what you’re deciding on, and consulting professionals in the fields that you are looking to book.

We will always suggest you to find the accommodation you want, and book direct. Commissions paid by host are very high for many 3rd party sites, so you can save yourself money, and get more benefits from the host by speaking to them direct.

The world is becoming a place in which 5 companies in each sector control the market share of industries, make sure that when you spend your money, you know what you are supporting, and whether it’s in line with your values.

Contact us at Total Bali to find out the best way to get your holiday sorted for your Bali trip.  Nothing like a Bali holiday full of thrilling experiences and fun activities, with all genuine and personal recommendations from locals who’ve lived here for most of their lives.

The above article is a collection of biased opinions. The author will not be held liable for any of the above, and this piece should not be taken out of context or seen as debunking any companies named in this article.

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