March – The best month to visit Bali

Ever wondered what is the best time to visit Bali? Call us biased, but rather than labeling Bali as a party island, we believe the core of its place lies in the majestic energies that flood the streets, especially on Silence Day mid March. Read about it below and see for yourself.


Nyepi – Silence Day in Bali

Nyepi - The Balinese Day Of Silence, is celebrated every year in Bali and it represents the Balinese New Year.

It’s the quietest day of the year in Bali, where literally the entire island shuts down, airport included, and nobody is allowed on the beach or on the streets for 24 hours. Lights will mostly be kept off, allowing time for self-reflection, and relaxation and for the magic of Bali to settle in. You won’t see a sky as beautiful as in Bali on Nyepi Day.

March is the best time to be in Bali predominantly because of the ceremonies leading up to Nyepi as well, such as the Ogoh-Ogoh parade and the Melasti ceremony, but also because the it marks the ending of the rainy season, which means more happy faces spending more time on the beaches.

Why you have to experience Nyepi in Bali

Although Nyepi is the Day Of Silence, the night before is anything but silent! The Ogoh Ogoh parade is well known around the world for its magical creativity. Locals spend months building ogoh-ogohs - demonic effigies - that will be paraded on the streets and later burned to banish evil spirits and restore balance. The parade is as loud as it gets with smiley faces dancing and singing all the way through, a true spectacle, a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you don't want to be missing.

Melasti, another one of a kind ceremony, is held several days before Nyepi, and it's meant to symbolise the cleansing of the world of sin, and bad karma through the symbolic cleanse in the ocean, of throwing all bad things in the water. Locals all over the island gather up at the main beaches in Bali and perform this ceremony of prayer and offerings filling the entire island with blessing energies.

This year Nyepi falls on 17th March in 2018, so the silence will commence at 6AM and will finish 24 hours later.


How to get the best experience over Nyepi?

Besides attending Melasti ceremonies and the Ogoh Ogoh parade, Nyepi is about spending quality time in our hotel or villa. As you will have to keep noise and lights at a minimum, we have put together a list of suggestions that will help you get the most out of these 24 hours of silence.


  1. Do a juice cleanse

Fasting is one of the best way to celebrate Nyepi. According to the Balinese, meditation and fasting is the best way to reset, let go of bad energies, rejuvenate and start fresh. Total Bali is offering you the change to take part in a juice cleanse from The Seed Bali. This unique experience has been used for centuries as a traditional way to break bad habits, mindfully consume, challenge the mind and ultimately give back to yourself. We deliver the juices straight to your villa, along with your plan & instructions. All you need to do is sit back and relax.


  1. Private yoga classes

Pre Nyepi and post Nyepi activities can include your own private yoga class right in your villa. We have a selection of well-trained yoga instructors that know how to work with you, and how to make the most out of your practice. Being surrounded by all these magical energies means that your body and soul need to be in-tune as well, so what better way than stretching your mind and body with some of the best yoga instructors on the island?


  1. Visit the seven sea temples of Bali

Charged with godly powers, the seven sea temples of Bali are a great pick on your holiday in Bali. Legend has it that each sea temple is visible from the next, forming a chain stretching around Bali’s coast. Each temple different from the next, and with its own magic, you're bound to fall in love with at least one temple. Sign up to our day trips to visits these amazing places, perfect to visit in March.


  1. Hike some of Bali's most beautiful trails

Whether you're into mountain hiking, or just trailing through rice fields or lakes of Bali, there's a trail for everyone. Some people have described hiking as a meditative exercise, being in tune with your body, focusing on each step until your reach your destination, which is usually a jaw-dropping landscape. Regardless of whether you're a beginner or advanced hiker, we can organize your hiking with some of the best guides on the island.


Not sure where to stay?

Total Bali has a variety of villas all around Bali available to rent in March, be it for an entire group, or just for you. We can facilitate renting the villas by room, you never know, you might end up having an entire villa all to yourself!

Check out our available villas here!

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