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Welcome to Za & Rami Wedding Accommodation Page!

If you are on this page then you are looking at accommodation for Za & Rami Wedding getaway to Bali and we are here to help you.

Total Bali can book you anything you see online, and we can book it at the best prices guaranteed, as well as offering further discounts as you are part of Za & Rami's wedding group.

We are going to try and organize for everyone to stay close to each other, so that this becomes more of an experience rather then just a Wedding. We want to make this Bali wedding an unforgettable holiday, and we want everyone to have as much fun as possible.

We have a list of possible options that we have compiled on this page, however we know that everyone has different needs, that why you can contact us and let us know about what you want, and we will help with offering you accommodation options that suit your needs, please use totalbali@totabali.com for emails or Whats up us on +6281338648034.

We are also here to make your holiday plans easier and can help with organizing Fast Track Airport arrivals, cars and logistics, in villa services like massages and Nannies, pool fences, scooters, personal trainers and Yoga instructors in case you think you need to break up all the fun you are having. What ever you need, we can help, check out www.totalbaliactivities.com.

So please get in contact with us and we will help with a few pointers on what you should expect from Bali, and give you a few handy hints as well.

We can't wait to host you in Bali, and look forward to making this the best holiday ever!

Canggu Area

Hotel and Resort Options

Canggu 1476

Superior Room: IDR 940,000 or approx. USD 71 per room per night.

Deluxe Garden View: IDR 1,090,000 or approx. USD 82 per room per night.

Deluxe Lagoon: IDR 1,240,000 or approx. USD 93 per room per night.

Deluxe Ocean View: IDR 1,440,000 or approx. USD 108 per room per night.


Canggu 7103

Deluxe Double: IDR 1,200,000 or approx. USD 90 per room per night.

Double Room: IDR 900,000 or approx. USD 68 per room per night.

Villa Options

Canggu 458

2 Bedrooms Villa: USD 414 per night 

4 Bedrooms Villa: USD 725 per night

Canggu 1251


Standard Queen: IDR 1,000,000 or approx. USD 75 per room per night.
Deluxe Villa: IDR 2,000,000 or approx. USD 150 per villa per night.
Suite Villa: IDR 2,500,000 or approx. USD 188 per villa per night.
Superior Villa: IDR 1,250,000 or approx. USD 94 per villa per night.
President suite Villa: IDR 4,375,000 or approx. USD 328 per night.

Canggu 3139

Rate 3 Bedrooms: IDR 4,200,000 or approx. USD 315 per night.

Rate 4 bedrooms: IDR 5,700,000 or approx. USD 428 per night.

Canggu 1501


Room Cottage: IDR 813,000 or approx. USD 61 per room per night.
1BR Cottage Borabora: IDR 1,000,000 or approx. USD 75 per room per night.
2BR Cottage Kamboja: IDR 1,375,000 or approx. USD 103 per room per night.
2BR Cottage Alamanda: IDR 1,375,000 or approx. USD 103 per room per night.

Villa Vayana

Rate 3BR: USD 333 per night including taxes

Canggu 1215

1BR Pool Villa: IDR 2,280,000 or approx. USD 171 per villa per night

Canggu 2399

Rate for 2BR: IDR 2,400,000 or approx. USD 180 per night

Berawa 457

Rate for 4BR: USD 811 per night.

Canggu 4244

Rate for 4BR: USD 846 per night.

Canggu 3097

Rate for 3BR: USD 452 per night.

Canggu 494

Rate for 3BR: USD 529 per night.

Rate for 4BR: USD 585 per night.

Seminyak Area

Hotel and Resort Options

Seminyak 1046

Deluxe Room: IDR 1,250,000 or approx. USD 94 per room per night.

Deluxe Jacuzzi: IDR 1,500,000 or approx. USD 112 per room per night.

Club Room: IDR 1,750,000 or approx. USD 131 per room per night.

Deluxe Pool: IDR 2,000,000 or approx. USD 150 per room per night.

Seminyak 1164

Deluxe Room: IDR 900,000 or approx. USD 67 per room per night.

Villa Options

Seminyak 3552

3BR Suite Villa: IDR 4,250,000 or approx. USD 318 per night.

4BR Family Deluxe Villa: IDR 5,250,000 or approx. USD 393 per night.

2BR Deluxe Villa: IDR 3,000,000 or approx. USD 224 per night.


Seminyak 10

Rate for 1BR Villa: USD 260 per villa per night


Seminyak 1066

1Bedroom Villa: IDR. 3,000,000 or approx. USD 224 per night.

2Bedroom Villa: IDR. 5,200,000 or approx. USD 389 per night.

3Bedroom Villa: IDR. 6,420,000 or approx. USD 480 per night.

Villa Amaya


Rate for 3BR: USD500 per night.

Rate for 4BR: USD580 per night.

Rate for 5BR : USD650 per night.

Villa Aramis

Rate for 3BR: USD345 per night.

Rate for 2BR : USD295 per night.

Villa Mona

Rate for 3BR: USD 485 per night.

Rate for 4BR: USD 550 per night.

Rate for 5BR: USD 650 per night.

Villa Dayah

Rate for 1BR: USD 200 per night

Rate for 2BR: USD 245 per night

Rate for 3BR: USD 300 per night

Villa Kalis

Rate 4 bedrooms: USD 700 per night.

Rate 5 bedrooms: USD 820 per night.

Rate 6 bedrooms: USD 940 per night.

Rate 7 bedrooms: USD 1,060 per night.

Rate 8 bedrooms: USD 1,180 per night.

Rate 9 bedrooms: USD 1,300 per night.

Villa AI

Rate 1BR Usage: USD $240 per night.

Rate 2BR: USD $280 per night.

Villa Moro

Rate for 4 bedrooms: USD 395 per night.

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