Volcanoes and Junk News

I was out of country when this first started to happen back in September. The junk English press was showing stock footage of volcanoes erupting violently and saying it was Bali. They also kept showing footage of Mount Sinabung, an erupting Indonesian volcano over 3,228 kilometers (2,006 miles) from Bali, claiming it was Mount Agung. Then they started showing evacuations in Vanuatu making it look like Bali was being completely evacuated. All lies. The volcano didn't erupt until November.

That kind of junk news is incredibly damaging. It inflamed a situation, creating panic around the world and sending tourists running. Thousands of Balinese are suffering from the economic impact caused by these careless words.

Now it has erupted and nearly 90,0o0 people have evacuated, but they aren’t fleeing. The people of Bali need support now. Below is a photo by Rio Helmi—the lava is filling about 2/3 of the caldera and the glow is reflected in the ash cloud as it erupts before dawn. Luckily for us in southern Bali, the winds at this time of year are blowing to the east, but thousands of Balinese communities are not as fortunate. If you’d like to donate, Kopernik is a trustworthy local NGO. To keep up with the developments, here are some good and reliable links.

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