We can get you into Bali on a VISA so you can spend COVID here


Are you looking at a way of spending your time in COVID lockdown having an extended holiday on the beautiful island of Bali?

At Total Bali, we are helping our guests with the opportunity to spend up to 6 months holidaying in Bali with our Bali Business Visa service.

What you need to do:

1) Contact us on totalbali@totalbali.com and let us know you want to come to Bali on this VISA. 
2) Get a copy of your passport and 9 million Rupiah payment ready for processing your TELEX here in Indonesia
3) Once you receive your TELEX, you will have to process this at your closest Indonesian Embassy/Consulate. 
4) You will need a Passport with validity of over 6 months from when you are due to leave Indonesia, and you will need a departure ticket from Indonesia.

Below is some information that you need to know before applying for an Indonesia Business Visa :

(a). The TELEX for Business VISA must be submitted at the latest 3 – 4 weeks before departure to Indonesia.

(b). The TELEX application will take 3 to 5 working days in Bali. After the TELEX is issued the applicant will process this at the closest Indonesian embassy/consulate that will take 4-5 working days.  

(c). One of the requirements to enter into Indonesia is to obtain a Health certificate or valid PCR test result from the local hospital. You might have to present this at your Embassy/Consulate. 

(d).  Minimum age of the Visa applicant is 21 years old, for children below this age, they must enter Indonesia with the parent or legal guardian.  

(e). To start this process you can send us a scan of your passport and we will process the TELEX for Business VISA.

(f).  Once you enter into Indonesia, your visa is valid for 6 months, after the first 60 days, and each 30 days after that you will be required to get extensions on your Visa. On the first extension, you will be required to present yourself at the Immigration with your original passport and you will be have photos taken. The subsequent visa extensions can be done through an agent and you can do this with payment only.

For more information regarding Indonesia Business Visa, please do not hesitate to contact us at totalbali@totalbali.com or +62 813-3864-8034.

Once we have your visa organized we can help you with planning the rest of your Bali holiday villa. Anything from finding your ideal Bali villa accommodation, to helping you with transportation needs, and helping you with suggestions for getting to know the neighborhood. We are the island experts and here to help. 

Kind Regards,

The Total Bali Team.

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